Property for sale in The Austrian province of Niederösterreich (Lower-Austria) and Vienna.

We offer properties for sale in Lower-Austria and Vienna - the nucleus of Austria and the center of the new Europe.

Snowboarding in the Tyrolean Alps

Land of leisure and beauty

In this section Euroburo Ltd offers apartments, holiday homes, weekend houses, renovation properties, building land and business property for sale throughout Lower Austria - Niederösterreich. This includes properties for sale in Vienna and surrounds and we can offer a property search facility for clients who are not German speaking and who may well be relocating to Vienna with one of the many international organisations that are based there.

Niederösterreich is a particularly interesting province of Austria with much to offer.

Property prices are still relatively low and represent some of the best investment opportunities in the whole of Europe.

Lower Austria is divided into four main quadrants:
A map of the 4 quadrants of Lower Austria

A map of the 4 quadrants of Lower Austria

The Quadrants

     German Name English Translation
     Waldviertel Forest District
     Weinviertel Wine District
     Mostviertel Must (cider) District
     Industrieviertel Industry District

These are again subdivided into local administrative districts, as seen below.

A map of the different regions of Lower Austria

A map of the individual administrative districts of Lower Austria

Although cheap property is on offer in former east European countries, none of these locations offer an equivalent infrastructure such as is on offer here.

Invest now whilst property prices are still low. This area is compares well with France, Spain or Italy but it it much less expensive.

Vienna was recently voted the top city for quality of life.

We have all types of property for sale. Residential properties, farms, woodland for hunting, fishing lakes, hotels, guest houses and apartment houses. Businesses and business premises. We also offer properties to rent. We have luxury houses and even castles if that is what you are looking for.

We have building land for sale in most areas and can also arrange for "Fertig" (ready built) houses to be erected as required.

Weissenkirchen in the Wachau region

Weissenkirchen in the Wachau region

This is a beautiful region of Austria which is generally less well known to outside visitors, however, it is now very easily accessible by Ryanair who offer cheap daily flights from Stansted UK to Linz airport as well as flights from Linz to many European destinations. Easyjet offer a regular service to Vienna. There are 'feeder' flights to other major European 'hub' airports. Motorway and rail connections are first class.

Krems valley vinyards

Krems valley vinyards

This is the land of rolling hills and meandering rivers. Everything, like the Viennese waltz happens “im drei-viertel-takt” – in triple metre time.

Be it grandiose and regal like Johann Strauss’s “Blue Danube”

or folky and light like the Austrian Zither Ländler

... everything progresses in a quiet orderly fashion, unhurriedly and tastefully polite, reminicent of the old Habsburg Empire.

The Danube flows through the middle of the region offering endless possibilities for sightseeing, river cruising as well as the wonderful Danube cycle track that runs right along the riverside. Of particular interest are the great wine growing regions of Austria including the Wachau and Neusiedlersee.

View of the Danube

View of the Danube

Please also note that we usually have around 700 properties for sale in Niederösterreich and Vienna.

We just can't list them all - so please ask !

If you do not see what you are looking for , it is always worth contacting us to do a "free" property search on your behalf.

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