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Vienna - Wien Danube Donauinsel

Vienna - Wien Danube Donauinsel

Vienna - Wien

The city of Vienna has a total of 23 districts. Even though all districts have actual names, they are commonly reffered to by their number. For example, asking someone where the second district is will lead you to an answer faster than asking for the direction to Leopoldstadt (2nd district's actual name).

Map of Vienna

Map of Vienna


01 - Innere Stadt

1. District - Inner city - Innere Stadt

The Inner city (Innere Stadt) is Vienna's old town. It is the part of Vienna where a tourists will most likely spend most of their time. It is fileld with tourist attractions. Along with all the tourist attractions, one can find many places to shop, eat, drink, or just hang out. The street circling the inner city (Ringstrasse) is located exactly at the spot where the former city walls were located. At night, the inner city turns into a district full of bars, nightclubs, and other places to have fun and have a few drinks with friends.

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02 - Leopoldstadt

2. District - Leopoldstadt

Vienna's second district is mainly used for recreational activities. It is located in between the Danube river and the Danube channel, making the second district, along with the 20th, a giant island. The most famous tourist attraction is the Viennese Prater, a giant amusement park that is open all year long. At the entrance of the Prater is the giant Wiener Riesenrad (Ferris wheel). Next to the Prater is the "Green-Prater", a huge park where one can do all sorts of activities. The biggest sports stadium of Austria is located here as well.

Places of interest:


03 - Landstrasse

3. District - Landstrasse

Landstrasse, the third district, is located just south east of the center of Vienna. It is mainly a residential area with a few exceptions. The most important sights in the third district are the Belvede Castle and the Hundertwasserhaus. The Belvedere castle is a huge castle with a beautiful park area in front of it. Today, the castle is used as an Art gallery. The Hundertwasser Haus is an apartment building designed by the artist Hundertwasser. The interesting thing about this building is that the building is very colorful and doesn't have straight lines. Everything is either round or has a slight curve to it.

Places of interest:


04 - Wieden

4. District - Wieden

The fourth district is just south of the center of Vienna. It is just a small residential area.


05 - Margareten

5. District - Margareten

Margareten is Vienna's fifth district. It is located just south of the inner city. Same as the fourth district, Margareten is mainly a residential area without any major attractions


06 - Mariahilf

6. District - Mariahilf

Mariahilf is located just south-west of the inner city. The sixth district is mainly a residential area, but there are a few tourist attractions within its narrow roads. The most frequented part of the sixth district is the Mariahilder strasse. It is the most important shopping street in Vienna. Another shopping area in this district is the famomus Naschmarkt, it is the oldest market in Vienna.

Places of interest:


07 - Neubau

7. District - Neubau

Vienna's seventh district is located just west of the inner city. Mainly a residential area, but it has a few attractions that one should not miss. It shares the Mariahilderstrasse with the sixth district. The Museumsquartier is located here as well. It is the center for culture and modern art in Vienna.

Places of interest:


08 - Josefstadt

8. District - Josefstadt

Josefstadt is the eigth district of Vienna and is located to the west of the inner city. It is the smallest district of Vienna. It is one of the most densely populated districts in Vienna. Josefstadt is mostly used as a residential area and doesn't have any major attractions due to its size.


09 - Alsergrund

9. District - Alsergrund

The ninth district of Vienna is located just north of the inner city. Some departments of the University of Vienna are located here, as well as the University of Economics and Business Administration.

Places of interest:


10 - Favoriten

10. District - Favoriten

The 10th district of Vienna is located in the south of Vienna. It is one of the bigger districts of Vienna. The district is mainly a residential area and many recreational areas.

Places of interest:


11 - Simmering

11. District - Simmering

Simmering is the 11th district of Vienna. It is located in the south-eastern part of Vienna. Simmering is home to many industries making it one of the biggest industrial areas in Vienna. It is also home of the Winer Zentralfriedhof (huge cemetery)

Places of interest:


12 - Meidling

12. District - Meidling

Meidling is the 12th district of Vienna and is located just south-west of the inner city districts. Meidling has a good balance of residential areas recreational parks. This district has many small churches.


13 - Hietzing

13. District - Hietzing

Hietzing is a huge district in the west of Vienna. The 13th district contains many residential areas but also has large recreational areas such as the Vienna Woods and the Schönbrunn Palace. The Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most famous sightseeing attractions in Vienna and a must see for every tourist. Next to the palace is the Vienna Zoo. Not only is this zoo the oldest zoo in Europe, it is one of the oldest existing zoos in the world.

Places of interest:


14 - Penzing

14. District - Penzing

Penzing is located in the west of Vienna. Penzing is mainly used as a residential area with large recreational parks.


15 - Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus

15. District - Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus

The 15th district of Vienna is located just to the west of the inner city districts. Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus is mainly a residential area.


16 - Ottakring

16. District - Ottakring

Ottakring is the 16th district of Vienna and is located in the western part of the city. The most famous thing about Ottakring is its beer (Ottakringer). The brewery is located here and is open to the public for tours and tastings.

Places of interest:


17 - Hernals

17. District - Hernals

Hernals, the 17th district of Vienna, is located in the northwestern part of Vienna. Hernals is one of the greenest districts of Vienna with more than half of its area composed of green areas or parks.


18 - Währing

18. District - Währing

Währing is the 18th district of Vienna and is located in the north western part of Vienna. It is mainly composed of residential and recreational areas.


19 - Döbling

19. District - Döbling

Döbling is located in the north of Vienna. This district is home to most of Vienna's upper class. For tourists, or better wine fans, Döbling has a small area called Grinzing. This area holds many Heurigen restaurants where one can find all sorts of wines from the area. It is the most famous wine area in Vienna.

Places of interest:


20 - Brigittenau

20. District - Brigittenau

Brigittenau is the 20th district of Vienna and is located just north of the inner city districts. Brigittenau, along with Leopoldstadt, is located on a giant island in the middle if Vienna. It is a heavily urban populated area. The tallest building of Vienna is located here. The Millenium Tower is 171 meter (561 feet) tall.

Places of interest:


21 - Floridsdorf

21. District - Floridsdorf

Floridsdorf, the 21st district, is located in the north of Vienna. Floridsdorf is mostly composed of many green areas and small residential areas in between. The most notable place to visit here is the Shopping Center North, a large shopping area.

Places of interest:


22 - Donaustadt

22. District - Donaustadt

Donaustadt is Vienna's largest district and is located in the eastern part of Vienna. It has many recreational areas as well as many industrial areas. One of the headquarters of the United Nations is located here (UNO City). Vienna's largest shopping mall is also located in the 22nd district. The Donauinsel (Danube Island) is a large recreational area that transforms to a large area with a lot of bars at night.

Places of interest:


23 - Liesing

23. District - Liesing

Liesing is Vienna's 23rd district and is located in the south-western part of Vienna. Liesing is mainly used for residential buildings and recreational areas.



Some sound samplings of "the spirit" of Vienna

Wiener Blut ('Viennese Blood' or 'Viennese Spirit') op. 354 a waltz by Johann Strauss II.


"The Third Man Theme" (also known as "The Harry Lime Theme") instrumental written and performed by Anton Karas.


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