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Dobersberg in the  Weinviertel


The Weinviertel region of Niederösterreich

Detailed map of the  Weinviertel.

Detailed map of the Weinviertel.

The Weinviertel

This large area of rolling agricultural countryside much of it dedicated to wine production. The river Danube runs along the southern border and to the east it shares a border with Slovakia. Wine is also produced over the border in the Waldviertel particularly so around the town of Krems and in the valleys and hillsides to the north.

Weinviertel vista

Weinviertel vista

To quote the regional website . .

"The Weinviertel is an ancient cultural landscape that has been settled for thousands of years. The gentle rolling hills, fertile land and vineyards have always drawn people to the region. It used to be the ideal living conditions that attracted people to settle here. Nowadays, people come to the Weinviertel to enjoy the open skies and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Weinviertel - grapes

Weinviertel - grapes

The hectic and fast pace of life of the present cannot touch the majestic tranquility of this area: Here in the Weinviertel, a delightful sense of calm prevails.

The Weinviertel is all about enjoyment: A glass of fine wine, a regional delicacy, a happy smile, an entertaining evening or simply just the sunshine. The main thing is taking time to enjoy the pleasures of life."

Cycling is very popular in this area as the countryside is gentle with rolling hills.
Weinviertel - Cycling

Weinviertel - Cycling.

It is as though the Weinviertel were made purely for cycling! The single-storied, whitewashed wine cellars are a unique feature of this sunny part of Europe. Nowhere else on earth will you find wine cellars as diverse and in such large numbers as in the Weinviertel.

Drosendorf - walls and moat

Drosendorf - walls and moat

A unique feature of this quiet landscape are its cellar-lined roads called “Kellergassen”, found in almost every village.

A cellar-lined road is similar to a regular village road except that the houses there have no chimneys or kitchens or living rooms. Instead, they consist of extensive cellars, some reaching hundreds of meters into the earth, These are in fact pressed wine pressing and wine storage areas.

Weinviertel dawn

Weinviertel dawn

Grüner Veltliner
Weinviertel Postage Stamp

Weinviertel Postage Stamp

For its size the Weinviertel has a considerable number of grape varieties. The flagship is of course the Grüner Veltliner. It is characterized with zesty flavour, fruity bouquet and tart acidity. Wine growers who produce Grüner Veltliner with these distinctive characteristics can apply for the Weinviertel DAC label – the local designation of origin. Try Chardonnays and the Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc) as well as excellent reds.

There are more than 675 Wine Route businesses – ranging from wine growers, wine taverns and wine shops to wine inns and bed & breakfasts – in the 77 wine villages along the Weinviertel Wine Route, which is about 400 km (249 mi) long. It is divided into three areas: western Weinviertel, Veltliner land and southern Weinviertel.


"Heuriger" is an establishment operated by wine growers themselves, who serve their own wine on their own premises along with small snacks.

Weinviertel - vinyards

Weinviertel - vinyards

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