Properties for Sale in the town and district of Mistelbach, Lower-Austria.

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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in the town and district of Mistelbach an der Zaya, Lower-Austria

Mistelbach - Stone bridge over the river Kamp

Mistelbach - Areal view

Mistelbach Town

Some 45 km north of Vienna.

Vienna - Mistelbach by car

Vienna - Mistelbach by train

By Train

By Car

Mistelbach an der Zaya

translates to:

Mistletoe-Brook on the Zaya (River)

Mistelbach is located in the north east of Lower Austria's Wine Quarter (Weinviertel), approximately 25 to 30 km from the borders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It lies just off the main road connecting Brno (Czech Republic) to Vienna (Road B7).

Mistelbach - Town centre

Mistelbach - Town centre

From the end of WWII till the fall of the Soviet satellites in 1989, Mistelbach experienced difficulties caused by its geographical proximity to the Iron Curtain. Nevertheless the town developed into a regional center of the eastern Winequarter (Weinviertel).

Mistelbach - College

Mistelbach - College

Mistelbach is a town with more than 11,000 residents with close ties with the agricultural heritage and wine production and an important administrative hub for the region. It is well-connected to Vienna by both road and rail.

Mistelbach - church

Mistelbach church

The district of Mistelbach
Mistelbach district

Mistelbach district

In addition to cultural and sporting features and its town center, Mistelbach offers many interesting buildings and elements: The Gothic Hallenkirche on the Kirchenberg, it’s Town Hall, the Holy Trinity Column, a Michael Jackson memorial, a Baroque Schlössl, the Monastery of the Fraternity of the Barnabiten with valuable ceiling paintings and much more.




and now for something completely different..
The puppet theater and figure festival

The Mistelbach puppet festival

Every October around 10,000 people visit Austria's largest puppet and figure festival in Mistelbach. The puppet theater and figure festival is intended for children, youth and adults alike.



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