Properties for Sale in the town and district of Hollabrunn, Lower-Austria.

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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in the town and district of Hollabrunn, Lower-Austria

Hollabrunn - Stone bridge over the river Kamp


Hollabrunn Town

Some 50 km north-west of Vienna.

Vienna - Hollabrunn by car

Vienna - Hollabrunn by car

By Train

By Car

The town of Hollabrunn is situated within the fertile, hilly wine country in the valley of the Goller-brook. It is the administrative center of the western Wine District. The Town boundaries are immediately adjacent to the Ernstbrunner Forest, the largest continuous oak forest in Austria. Hollabrunn lies on the Vienna-Znojmo-Prague transportation axis

The town proper is home to around 6,100 inhabitants, including the peripheral municipally amalgamated villages/suburbs it can count a total of 11,000 people.

Hollabrunn - Modern Apartments

Hollabrunn - Modern Apartments

Like nearly every town and village in the Weinviertel, it boasts its own ancient "Kellergasse".

Hollabrunn Kellergasse

Hollabrunn Kellergasse

The theme park is one in Hollabrunn to the most popular destinations in general. It offers all ages a varied program and a lot of fun and leisure.

The Hollabrunner church woods are part of the Ernstbrunner forest. Extensive hiking trails, bike paths and fitness trails traverse the forest.

Hollabrunn - Hardegg bridge

Hollabrunn - Hardegg bridge

The district of Hollabrunn
Hollabrunn district

Hollabrunn district

Local cycling trails

Not too steep, but not undemanding cycling routes lead through the picturesque countryside around Hollabrunn in the Weinviertel. The cycling trails are mostly on quiet roads, off the road and follow the countour of the rolling hills. With Pankrazberg bike path, the Göllersbachtal path and Mary Three Oaks bike trail Hollabrunn has created three family-friendly, short cycling tours between 20km and 35km long, on which one can feel the magic of the landscape around the district capital. In addition to the 3 family friendly bike trails there are 3 more demanding paths for mountain bikers. See downloadable map.

Through the vinyards

Through the vinyards

Properties for Sale

We usually have around 700 properties in Niederösterreich for sale and we just cannot list them all but currently there are far fewer on offer. We have building plots, commercial premises, Hotels, Gasthofs and apartment houses, apartments, family houses, wine cellars, weekend houses, renovation properties and so on.

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