Properties for Sale in the town and district of Gänserndorf, Lower-Austria.

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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in the town and district of Gänserndorf, Lower-Austria

Gänserndorf - Stone bridge over the river Kamp

Gänserndorf - Autumn in the "Landscape Park"

Gänserndorf Town

Some 20 km north-east of Vienna.

By Train

By Car

Vienna - Gänserndorf by car

Vienna - Gänserndorf by car

Gänserndorf has also developed a reputation as a shopping destination for many Viennese.

The "Landscape Park" in Gänserndorf covers an area of approximately 70,000 square meters and is used as a recreational area. The park offers pedestrian pathways as well as many bike paths along a willow-tree lined creek.

Gänserndorf - Landscape Park sculpture

Gänserndorf - Landscape Park sculpture

The "Kellergasse" is especially beautiful with ravines, vineyards, cellar tours, baroque palaces, many museums, the Museum Niedersulz, and the most fascinating floodplains of Central Europe.

Gänserndorf Kellergasse

Gänserndorf Kellergasse

Gänserndorf is also known for its summertime events including art galleries, book readings, concerts, live music programs and many other festivals.

Gänserndorf - Saltgrotto

Gänserndorf - Saltgrotto

The district of Gänserndorf
Gänserndorf district

Gänserndorf district

The Donau-Auen National Park

The Donau-Auen National Park lies between Vienna and Bratislava. With over 93 sqare kilometers (23,000 acres) area, the park protects the last remaining major wetland environment in Central Europe. For a distance of just over 36 km, the Danube flows freely and is the lifeline of the national park. The dynamic rise and fall of water levels - sometimes up to 7 meters - means that the wetlands landscape is constantly recreated and reformed. In this way, the flow of the Danube creates habitats for a large number of plants and animals.

Donau-Auen wetland experience

Donau-Auen wetland experience



Schloss Hof - (Savoy)

Schloss Hof is a palace located in the WeinViertel near the border of Slovakia. It once belonged to Prince Eugene of Savoy. He had it enlarged in the Baroque style by the architect Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt in 1729, and used it as an elaborate hunting lodge. He left it to a niece in his will, and it was later purchased by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and became part of the Austrian imperial estates.

Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof

Properties for Sale

Large property for sale near Gänserndorf Price €370,000

Large property for sale near Gänserndorf

This is actually two adjacent properties.

It could well be used for offices or a doctor's surgery.

Both properties could be joined...

P.ID.: DPDI46026

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