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Dobersberg in the  Waldviertel

Dobersberg in the Waldviertel.

The Waldviertel region of Niederösterreich

Detailed map of the  Waldviertel.

Detailed map of the Waldviertel.

The Waldviertel

Waldviertel translates as "The Forested Quarter" of Lower Austria. As implied the region has extensive woodlands. It borders on the Czech Republic to the west and north and the river Danube flows along its southern boundary. It is largely undiscovered by many overseas tourists but it really does have a great deal to offer.

Waldviertel in Autumn mist

Waldviertel in Autumn mist

Property prices especially in the Waldviertel are still amongst the lowest in the whole of Austria and so an attractive little holiday property is still very affordable in this area.

Waldviertel - One of many ponds

Waldviertel - One of many ponds

What is it really that makes this place so attractive for so many people? Probably it's because everybody finds something unique for the pursuit of his or her individual happiness. The peace of this landscape is a treasure. There are so many that appreciate the very vastness of this archaic world with its thousands of ponds and upland moors.

Peaceful - untouched - secure
The Waldviertel is unobtrusive.

The Waldviertel is peaceful.
Sometimes lonely,
sometimes smooth,
sometimes raw.

Waldviertel - upland moors

Waldviertel - upland moors.

The region is full of interesting things to see and do. It has a great many historic buildings and castles such as
Walled towns
Drosendorf - walls and moat

Drosendorf - walls and moat

Eight attractive Waldviertel towns are protected by their historic town walls and are just waiting to be explored.

School tower in Zwettl

School tower in Zwettl

In the past, the towns of Waidhofen an der Thaya, Weitra and Zwettl were part of the chain of fortifications erected in the Waldviertel to protect Vienna from the north.

Nowadays their culture and the culinary tradition surrounding the locally brewed beer are among their main attractions.

The idyllic situation of the little town of Drosendorf high above the River Thaya enchants the visitor while Horn is also known as the “town of towers”.

Maissau distinguishes itself on account of its amethyst vein.

The spacious main square of Retz impresses visitors while the medieval flair of Eggenburg is visible at every corner.

Waidhofen an der Thaya

Waidhofen an der Thaya

Waldviertel Whisky?

... yes there is Waldviertel Whisky!
Waldviertel Whisky

Waldviertel Whisky

Waldviertler Whisky J.H. is an individual creation and a brand of its own. Particular emphasis was placed on ensuring that they do not produce an imitation, they have created a new product with its own very special character. The usual drinking strength of Waldviertler Whisky is 41% Vol.

Waldviertler Whisky J.H. is an individual creation and a brand of its own. Particular emphasis was placed on ensuring that they do not produce an imitation, they have created a new product with its own very special character. The usual drinking strength of Waldviertler Whisky is 41% Vol.

The Original Rye Whisky J.H. consists of unmalted rye and 40% barley malt. It is a very harmoniously balanced mixture and is characterised by a slight vanilla note.

100 % rye malt is used for Pure Rye Malt J.H. and Special Rye Malt Nougat J.H. Honey or nougat aromas are released depending on the degree to which the malt is roasted. These two whiskies are unique in Europe and are particularly characterised by their sweetness.

Single Malt J.H. and Special Single Malt Karamell J.H. are made from 100% barley malt. When the malt is roasted lightly, caramel tones emerge, while dark roasting produces coffee-caramel tones. These two whiskies are also available as selection bottles (46% Vol.). Single Malt Selection J.H. is the most highly decorated internationally.

Mohndorf (Poppy-seed village) - the Waldviertel poppy seed
Waldviertel - Poppies

Waldviertel - Poppies.

The cultivation of poppy has a long tradition in the Waldviertel region north of the Danube.

Waldviertel - Poppy-seed-studel

Waldviertel - Poppy-seed-studel.

A small village in the Waldviertel has devoted itself totally to the poppy; the inhabitants of Armschlag have even patented the unique Waldviertel grey poppy seed.

In July poppies transform the fields around Armschlag into an undulating carpet of white, lilac and red. This wonderful natural spectacle can be appreciated on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage. There is much to discover on the fascinating Poppy Trail or in the Poppy Garden and one can savour the Poppy Seed Strudel along the path.

The Waldviertler Mohnhof is also the source and inspiration of the world renowned Poppyseed Cookbook (Mohn-Kochbuch by Margarete Greßl and Martin Bichler)

Waldviertel - Mohndorf - Armschlag

Waldviertel - Mohndorf - Armschlag.

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