Properties for Sale in the district of Krems, Lower-Austria.

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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in the district of Krems (Wachau), Lower-Austria

The Danube at Krems

The Danube at Krems

The District of Krems

The area around Krems is a seperate district called Krems Land.

The stretch along the Danube between Melk and Krems is also known as "The Wachau".

The Wachau was inscribed as "Wachau Cultural Landscape" in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites in December 2000 under category (ii) for its riverine landscape and under category (iv) for the medieval landscape that depicts architectural monuments, human settlements, and the agricultural use of its land.

The Wachau valley is well known for its production of apricots and grapes, both of which are used to produce specialty liquors and wines. The wine district's rolling vineyards produce complex white wines. Wachau is a source of Austria's most prized dry Rieslings and Grüner Veltliners, some of the best from the steep stony slopes next to the Danube on which the vines are planted.

The Danube basin

The Danube basin

Both visitors and Austrians love the Wachau Valley as the perfect location for recreation, featuring an excellent infrastructure of bikeways, easily available rental bikes and, to top it all, a fabulous 'white wine bicycle tour' through vineyards and small old town quarters.

View from Durnstein Castle

View from Durnstein Castle

Durnstein Castle
Krems District - Durnstein Castle

Krems District - Durnstein Castle

The ruined castle of Burgruine Dürnstein attracts a lot of attention from British tourists. This is because Richard I, "the Lionheart", who was kept prisoner there. The story goes that Richard's ship sunk in the Mediterranean on his way home, after the crusade, and the king had to take the route over the continent. He travelled incognito, but was stupid enough to spend a lot of money, wear his expensive leather gloves and a valuable ring on his finger. He attracted enough attention to alert the Austrians when he stayed in a tavern in Erdberg near Vienna and he was arrested.

Richard was sent to the Wachau and imprisoned in Dürnstein. According to legend, his faithful minstrel Blondel travelled up and down the country to find his master. In front of every castle, he would raise his voice and sing a song that only he and his "master" Richard knew. When he arrived in Dürnstein, he sung the first line … and Richard responded with the second. Blondel returned to England and negotiations regarding the payment of ransom money started. This is where legend ends and facts come back on the stage.

You can't get away from the wine!
Gottweig abbey

Gottweig abbey

The monastery was founded in 1083 A.D. and given to the Benedictine order in 1094. The site, perched on a mountain overlooking the Danube, provided the monks with an economic base in forestry and grape production. The vineyards had been producing wine for centuries. By the 16th century the wines from Stift Gottweig were attracting attention from the Austrian aristocracy and across Europe - the names Gottweig, Krems and Wachau remained synonymous with “good wine” until the present day.



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Centrally located family house for sale Price: €280,000

Centrally located family house for sale

Mautern is a small, quiet town in Lower Austria located near the beautiful river Dunabe. The whole region is...

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