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The Mostviertel region of Niederösterreich

Detailed map of the  Mostviertel.

Detailed map of the Mostviertel.

To quote Wikipedia

"Mostviertel (English: Must Quarter) is the southwestern quarter of the four quarters of Lower Austria (the northeast state of the 9 states in Austria). It is bordered on the north by the Danube and to the south and west by the state borders of Styria and Upper Austria respectively. The Wienerwald forms the natural border to the east and gives the quarter its second name, "The Quarter Over the Wienerwald".

Mostviertel in Spring

Mostviertel in Spring

The name Mostviertel comes from the apple and pear must (or heavy juice) made there. The lands between the Rivers Ybbs and Enns enjoy favorable conditions for growing fruit trees and are therefore the heart of a flourishing must industry. Typical in the Mostviertel are vast meadows of mixed orchards surrounding a farmhouse, in the centre of which is usually a square courtyard, and the lightly rolling foothills of the Alps."

The delightful contrast between the gently rolling, fertile land to the north and the wild, romantic alpine country in the south inspires multi-faceted voyages of discovery, mountain adventures and fun-filled family holidays.

The Mostviertel lies in the western part of Lower Austria, south of the River Danube. The region is home to some 407,000 people, the major towns being St. Pölten, the provincial capital of Lower Austria, as well as Amstetten, Scheibbs, Waidhofen an der Ybbs and Wieselburg.

Mostviertel - Peartrees in bloom.

Mostviertel - Peartrees in bloom.

Fruit, wine and vegetables thrive in the mild climate of the gentle hilly country south of the Danube. Summer days in the mountainous alpine environment are pleasantly refreshing, while the ski regions have surprisingly reliable snowfall. The last day of the ski season in the Mostviertel's largest skiing area, the Hochkar region centred on Göstling/Ybbs, is traditionally 1 May.

The mild face of the Mostviertel:

Rare wild fruits and fine wines.

The gently rolling hills south of the river Danube are home to perry and cider producers and schnapps distillers, winegrowers and farmers. More than 30 perry pear varieties thrive in the mild climate along the 200-kilometre Moststraße (Perry Road) tourist route, a number of which are used by the locals to produce their high-quality, single- variety perries and cider.

A word about the Mostviertel Perries.

Mostviertel - Most producers.

Mostviertel - Perry producers.

The part of the Mostviertel in which the people have entirely dedicated themselves to the production of perry, i.e. fermented pear juice, looks just like a huge garden. Favoured by the mild climate south of the river Danube, the high-grade fruit ripens here on hundreds of thousands of gnarled pear trees.

The Moststraße (Perry Road) tourist route wends its way for 200 km through the hilly countryside, snaking past rows of venerable pear trees and the fruit farmers‘ magnificent four-sided farmsteads.

Cosy inns and rustic taverns invite you to stop and rest for a while, and many of the farms have their own shops where you can buy local specialities direct from the producer.

The taste of perry

The light yellow to amber-coloured drink tastes of fresh fruit and comes in four different flavour categories, from sweet to very dry. Perry has a low alcohol content ranging between 4 and 8 per cent.

Grapevines – predominantly of the “Grüner Veltliner” variety – flourish in the Traisen Valley winegrowing area, while the trees of the Pielach Valley sprout bright red wild Cornelian cherries.

Mostviertel - Rosehips and Rosehip products.

Mostviertel - Rosehips and Rosehip products.

Rosehips are the speciality of the Dunkelsteinerwald region, while the eastern part of the Mostviertel bordering the Vienna Woods is famous for its rowanberries, which are used to make schnapps.

Mostviertel -Eisenstraße Culture

Mostviertel - Eisenstraße Culture Park.

The wild face of the Mostviertel:

Rugged mountain scenery and fiery furnaces.

Mostviertel - An iron forge in the Eisenstraße Culture

Mostviertel - An iron forge in the Eisenstraße Culture Park.

Bizarre rock formations, deep ravines, bubbling streams and three natural parks are the dominant features in the wild alpine uplands surrounding the Ötscher, Hochkar, Dürrenstein, Gippel and Göller mountains, which rise to almost 2,000 metres. In summer the region is a paradise for hikers and nature- lovers, while in the winter season the local ski resorts attract families and sports fans alike.

The mountain country was once the stamping ground of the “Black Earls”, as the powerful forgemasters used to be called, and home to metalworkers, charcoal burners and lumberjacks.

Today, museums and themed trails in the Eisenstraße Culture Park tell the tale of those long-ago times.

Mostviertel - Hiking on Dürrenstein.

Mostviertel - Hiking on Dürrenstein.

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