Properties for Sale in the district of Wiener-Neustadt Land, Lower-Austria.

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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in the district of Wiener-Neustadt Land, Lower-Austria

Wiener-Neustadt Land

Wiener-Neustadt Land

Wiener-Neustadt Land - The district


Wiener-Neustadt Land - Gutensteiner Alps-Hohe_Wand

Wiener-Neustadt Land - Gutensteiner Alps-Hohe_Wand

Wiener Neustadt Land has much to offer. One hour from Vienna, a stone's throw from the city of Wiener Neustadt and a short drive to the local ski areas.

The district is dotted with small villages and market towns, tourist attractions and nature reserves. Since they are just far enough away from Vienna so as not to become suburbs of the big city, the have preserved much of their local charm. They have also not been spoilt by the tourist trade that is focused on the ski resorts to the south west of the district.

The district of Wiener Neustadt Land consists of two slivers of land both about 40 km long and 10 km wide. One sliver stretches west from the town of Wiener Neustadt through the "Gutensteiner Alps". The other part stretching south of Wiener Neustadt toward and including the resort town of Bad Schönau.

Map of Wiener-Neustadt Land - district

Map of Wiener-Neustadt Land - district

Gutensteiner Alps

The Gutensteiner Alps are a mountain range in the eastern Alps. They form the north-eastern part of the Northern Limestone Alps, with a few mountains above 1000 m. The highest peak is the Reisalpe (1399 m).

There is an especially the high wall to the eastern part of the Gutensteiner Alps that can accessed by a variety of routes, free climbing and some rope routes. There are also numerous mountain restaurants and refuges. Popular destinations are also Myrafälle and Steinwandklamm (between Pernitz and Furth). In the areas of Mucke, Kogels, Lilienfeld and on the south-eastern slopes of the range there are a number of small ski resorts.

Öhler Mountain Gutensteiner Alps

Öhler Mountain Gutensteiner Alps

Hohe Wand (High Wall) National Park

The paradise for families and leisure

Hohe Wand (High Wall)

Hohe Wand (High Wall)

The 1.135 m high "Hohe Wand" lies like an island in the Viennese Alps in Wiener Neustadt Land. Via the panoramic mountain road one can enter the alpine world within a short period of time and without great effort. Walk over fields and through forests and enjoy breathtaking views.

This is particularly impressive on the panorama terrace „Skywalk Hohe Wand" or from the 18 m high watch tower. On sunny days one can even see as far as to the Lake Neusiedlersee.

Wiener-Neustadt Land - Kleinzeller Hinteralm

Wiener-Neustadt Land - Kleinzeller Hinteralm

Bucklige Welt

Roughly translated it means "Hunchback World"

Bucklige Welt

Bucklige Welt

The "Bucklige Welt" is a landscape in the southern part of the Wiener Neustadt district. The area is also known as the "Land of 1000 Hills".

The "Bucklige Welt" is hill country on the eastern edge of the Alps. Elevation is 375-900 m above sea level. The name "Hunchback World" is due to numerous hills, which are called "Buckln" [Bulges] by the native population.

Hiking in the Bucklige Welt

Hiking in the Bucklige Welt

Properties for Sale

Former farmhouse with outbuildings for sale Price €133,500

Former farmhouse with outbuildings for sale

Cellar storage

Wood fired central heating

Two bedrooms

Two bathrooms

1 x wc.

Two store rooms


Two garages

P.ID.: DPDI48052

More Information

House with land to renovate Price €145,000

House with land to renovate

Three bedrooms




Wood heating stove.

Requires complete renovation.

P.ID.: DPDI48037

More Information

Villa for sale with office space Price €595,000

Villa for sale with office space

Large, light filled family home with useful office space attached.

Ground floor - Kitchen area, two other rooms, open plan dining...

P.ID.: DPDI21350

More Information

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