Properties for Sale in the town and district of Mödling, Lower-Austria.

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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in the town and district of Mödling, Lower-Austria

Mödling - Aqueduct

Mödling - Aqueduct

Mödling - The Town

Some 14 km south of Vienna.

Vienna - Mödling bei Wien by car

Vienna - Mödling by bike

By Train

R, S1 and S2

By Tram

Line 515

By Car

Mödling - Pedestrian Zone

Mödling - Pedestrian Zone


Mödling is part of Lower-Austria’s Industrieviertel and is located in the middle of the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald), at the foot of Mt. Anninger. The rich historic heritage of Mödling is quite obvious in the city centre: A number of quite attractive squares around the pedestrian zone of Schrannenplatz offer some notable Sgraffito houses from Renaissance days and there is the Rathaus City Hall, small churches and lanes as well as Baroque burgher houses, fountains and a trinity column. An outstanding landmark is the parish church of St Othmar, which was built in the 15th century in order to serve as both a church and a fortress.

Mödling - Villa Sacher

Mödling - Villa Sacher

Trains from Vienna's Südbahnhof station leave every couple of minutes and so Mödling has become a popular residential area for commuters.

Mödling - Zu den zwei Raben

Mödling - Zu den zwei Raben

When Beethoven was in Mödling, he often went to an inn called "Zu den zwei Raben" ("The two ravens") where a small orchestra played popular dances. He wrote eleven dances, known as Mödlinger Tänze, for them. The house of the "Zu den zwei Raben" still exists nowadays, but it is no longer an inn, but private apartments.

Mödlinger Tänze

Dance #4 - Minuet

Dance #11 - Walz

Mödling Castle

Mödling Castle


The District of Mödling

Mödling - district

Mödling - district

Naturpark Föhrenberge

The Vienna Woods that surround Mödling are known as the "Naturpark Föhrenberge" or "Nature Reserve Fir Hills". This remarkable piece of landscape consists of the Eastern-most extensions of the Northern Calciferous Alps and is shaped by strongly eroded limestone. The landscape somehow resembles Croatia, especially during the summer, the odour of the trees and the over-all atmosphere makes one feel like hiking in a Mediterranean country.

Husarentempel - View north toward Vienna

Husarentempel - View north toward Vienna

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The Beethoven Trail

The Beethoven Trail

Just south of Mödling, and stretching all the way to Baden bei Wien and St. Vöslau there are a number of hiking paths known as the Beethoven Trail. This is a dense network of footpaths up and down the hills - no special hiking gear required. Sprinkled between the hills are several small villas, castles and chateaux of various Viennese aristocrats.

Map of the Beethoven Trail

Map of the Beethoven Trail

Full size version of the map. NOTE: North is to the right!!!


Immediately south of Vienna, and within the boundaries of the district of Mödling, is one of the largest shopping centres in Europe: Shopping City Süd (SCS).

Properties for Sale

New apartment for sale in Münchendorf Price €309,500

New apartment for sale in Münchendorf

Security and fire doors installed.

Treble insulated wndows.

Under floor heating.

Parquet floors, top quality tiles and bathroom fittings.

Hall, kitchen / diner /...

P.ID.: DPDI43006

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